• Think of us as paint night's cooler older sister...

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Jewelry Bar Classes

Putting You in the Designer's Seat

Each class begins with an introduction to the tools we'll be using and instruction on basic jewelry making techniques. Then we put you in the designer's seat. You'll create your own necklace, earrings or bracelet entirely from scratch then choose from a wide variety of stones, charms and findings to make your new jewelry completely your own. 

We Like to Have Fun

 We sip beverages, explore new locations, laugh A LOT, and bond over frustrating wire wrapping techniques. Connecting to other humans IRL is what we're all about. I'm super excited to meet you, so grab a friend, get ready to make new ones and come #gethammeredwithus! 

"I've been lucky enough to attend two of Tiffany’s jewelry classes so far and can't wait for more. Tiffany does a great job of making them fun while helping you create a beautiful piece. She explains each step and is always there to help. I feel like I'm not normally a creative person and don’t attend many of the typical wine art type classes but actually feel creative in her classes. I highly recommend trying one of her classes out. Not only will you have lots of fun but you will have a beautiful piece to wear for a long time."

Amber Lane